Christ the Son of God and His redemptive deed
Are the saving faith which is our only creed.
All the other doctrines do not faith comprise;
Christ, His work and person, only qualifies.

All the other teachings used improperly
Are the “winds of doctrine,” spoiling unity:
Blowing saints away from Christ who is the Head,
Building not the Body, tearing down instead.

Thus we must relinquish doctrines of all kinds,
Only keep the faith that oneness we may find.
In the Lord the Spirit we are one indeed;
Just to keep this oneness is our only need.

Truth we must be holding, which is Christ Himself,
That we be delivered from the sects of self,
That in all things growing into Christ the Head,
Built will be the Body and to fulness led.

To the “unity of faith” we must attain,
All the “winds of doctrine” evermore disdain;
Holding Christ the Spirit, our reality,
For the Body’s growing in its unity.