In the late 1970’s the Lord put into the heart of some believers meeting in Georgia a desire to pray for His will in Tennessee. At the same time, other believers in California also sensed in their spirit a desire concerning Tennessee. They all had experienced the outpouring of the Spirit and the blessings of life that result from forsaking divisions and meeting with other Christians strictly in the Lord’s name, for His glory and His will alone. This desire culminated in several families moving by faith to Nashville during the latter part of 1984.

On the snowy weekend of December 9, 1984, the church in Nashville enjoyed a glorious Lord’s table meeting (1Corinthians 10:21) at the local school auditorium, joined by believers from other localities as well as the Nashville community. Still a small group, we stood by faith in God’s word that in His view, all the believers in Nashville are one in Christ based on His redeeming death, His regenerating life, and His victorious name. We began meeting several times a week in our homes for prayer, fellowship, the Lord’s table, ministry and gospel preaching.

In 1992, due to our increase in numbers, we began to meet in a school auditorium until a permanent meeting facility could be procured. The Lord answered our prayers by providing us with a house on four acres of land located at 6105 Nolensville Road, where we are presently meeting. In 1998 we were able to remodel the basement level into a suitable meeting area for our children.

Our mission is to preach the high gospel of redemption and full salvation for the building up of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). We carry this out by begetting new believers through the preaching of the gospel; cherishing and nourishing them in the faith; perfecting one another in the Christian walk; and building up the Body of Christ through the functioning of every member (Ephesians 4:16).

We in the church in Nashville earnestly desire to see the one new man (Colossians 3:10) expressed practically in our locality. Because of this we welcome all born-again believers to our meetings and encourage them to share their portion of Christ. We are a diverse congregation, coming from differing geographical, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. We are diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit and reject anything that would divide the Body of Christ, defrauding us of the birthright of oneness that should be enjoyed by all God’s children