Fairest Lord Jesus!
Ruler of all nature!
O Thou of God and man the Son!
Thee will I cherish,
Thee will I honor,
Thou, my soul’s glory, joy, and crown!

Fair are the meadows
Fairer still the woodlands,
Robed in the blooming garb of spring;
Jesus is fairer,
Jesus is purer,
Who makes the woeful heart to sing!

Fair is the sunshine,
Fairer still the moonlight,
And all the twinkling starry host;
Jesus shines brighter,
Jesus shines purer,
Than all the angels heav’n can boast!

All fairest beauty,
Heavenly and earthly,
Wondrously, Jesus, is found in Thee;
None can be nearer,
Fairer, or dearer,
Than Thou my Savior art to me.

Christ is the mystery of God;
God is invisible, unshown,
His image man hath never seen,
But Christ the Son hath made Him known.

Christ is the very Word of God,
He is God’s explanation true;
God’s full embodiment is He
And God’s own image brings to view.

Image of God invisible,
Effulgence of God’s glory fair;
God’s fulness ever dwells in Him,
God’s testimony He doth bear.

The Church the myst’ry is of Christ,
For He is now to man unshown;
No man on earth may see Him now,
But thru the Church He is made known.

The Church is Christ’s expression full,
In her Christ dwelleth bodily;
She is His duplication true,
And man in her Himself may see.

The Church the image has of Christ,
She is His increase and His spread;
Christ’s very self is found in her
The Body, she, to Christ the Head.

Thus, in the Son the Father is,
And now the Spirit is the Son;
The Spirit of the triune God
Is in the Church and with her one.

What love Thou hast bestowed on us,
We thank Thee from our heart;
Our Father, we would worship Thee
And praise for all Thou art.

Thy heart Thou hast revealed to us,
Made known th’ eternal will;
Within the Son Thou hast come forth,
Thy purpose to fulfill.

Thou gavest Thy beloved Son
In love to come and die,
That we may be Thy many sons,
As heirs with Him, made nigh.

Through Him we have Thy very life
And Thou our Father art;
Thy very nature, all Thyself,
Thou dost to us impart.

Thy Spirit into ours has come
That we may “Abba” cry;
Of Spirit born, with Spirit sealed,
To be transformed thereby.

The many sons to glory brought
Is Thine eternal goal,
And to Thy Son’s own image wrought,
Thou wilt conform the whole.

Throughout Thy transformation work
Thou dost direct each one,
From glory unto glory bring
Until the work is done.

What love Thou, Father, hast bestowed;
We’ll ever grateful be;
We’ll worship Thee forevermore
And praise unceasingly.

1 God our Father, we adore Thee,
For the sake of righteousness;
Thou in Christ hast justified us,
Who our conscience can depress?
Thou art righteous, and art faithful,
On Thy righteousness we stand;
No unrighteousness is in Thee,
None can turn Thy righteous hand.

2 Thou hast laid our sins on Jesus,
By Thy justice He was killed;
All Thy holy law’s requirements
For Thy justice He fulfilled.
Recompense from Him receiving,
Thou art fully satisfied;
How couldst Thou, O God most righteous,
Claim it once more from our side?
3 Father God, Thou hast accepted
Jesus as our Substitute;
Judged the Just One for the unjust,
Couldst Thou change Thy attitude?
As a proof of perfect justice,
At Thine own right hand He sits;
He, as Thy full satisfaction,
Righteously Thy need befits.
4 Father, through the blood of Jesus
We possess Thy righteousness;
By Thy righteousness protected,
None can shake our stedfastness.
Righteousness of Thine Thou mad’st us,
None can ever us condemn;
We’ll forever testify this
In the new Jerusalem.

There’s a Man in the glory
Whose Life is for me.
He’s pure and He’s holy,
Triumphant and free.
He’s wise and He’s loving
How tender is He!
His Life in the glory,
My life must be;
His Life in the glory,
My life must be.
There’s a Man in the glory
Whose Life is for me.
He overcame Satan;
From bondage He’s free.
In Life He is reigning;
How kingly is He!
His Life in the glory,
My life must be;
His Life in the glory,
My life must be.
There’s a Man in the glory
Whose Life is for me.
In Him is no sickness;
No weakness has He.
He’s strong and in vigor,
How buoyant is He!
His Life in the glory
My life may be;
His Life in the glory
My life may be.
There’s a Man in the glory
Whose Life is for me.
His peace is abiding;
How patient is He!
He’s joyful and radiant,
Expecting to see
His Life in the glory
Lived out in me;
His Life in the glory
Lived out in me.

Your ministry, O Lord,
How excellent it is;
A better covenant,
And better promises;
Enacted on a better law.
Of such You are Executor.
A better covenant,
And better promises;
A better law of life
And sacrifice this is.
Redemption’s work, done long ago,
A better blood has made it so.
In Hebrews eight we see
The way to make us whole;
Life planted deep within,
Which spreads into the soul.
The law of life, imparted, still
Inscribed in mind, emotion, will.
The law of letters leave,
The law of life pursue;
The one is old and dead,
The other fresh and new.
Dead teachings cannot help the seed;
The law of life is what we need.
The law of life in us,
In function now we see,
Works not by will and thought
But automatically.
It saturates, conforms to Him;
The standard model spreads within.
Our sins are all forgiv’n,
His life imparted too;
God is our God today,
And we’re His people true.
We know Him in an inward way:
These blessings four have come to stay.
We’re being sonized now;
The life within will do
The deep transforming work
Of making us anew.
In ages past, the work was done—
Now prayer is over—praise the Son!

God, we praise Thee for Thy mercy,
’Tis so great and so profound!
In our weakness and our failures;
With its greatness it abounds.
We adore Thee! we adore Thee!
With such mercy we’ve been crowned!

How we marvel at this mercy
So far-reaching and so vast!
It has reached us, e’en the sinners,
And will ever hold us fast.
From this mercy, from this mercy,
What can cause us to be cast?
For Thy mercy we are grateful,
’Tis so rich, so plenteous!
Thru Thy mercy in redemption,
Thou hast richly favored us.
If without this, if without this,
How could we be favored thus?
Oh, Thy mercy, so inspiring!
Gentle, tender, dear and sweet!
With Thy patience and Thy kindness,
Us in all our need it meets.
It we treasure, it we treasure,
Nothing can with it compete.
Father, we enjoy Thy mercy,
Ever fresh and ever new;
Every morning shed upon us,
It refreshes as the dew.
How we taste it! how we taste it!
Giving Thee the praises due.
We can never cease to praise Thee,
As Thy mercy e’er endures;
All Thy grace and all Thy favor,
Ever for us it secures.
Trusting in it, trusting in it,
Thy sure mercy us assures.

Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd
Brought us right out of the fold
Into His pasture so plenteous,
Into His riches untold.

Glorious church life,
Feasting from such a rich store!
Here where we’re dwelling in oneness
God commands life evermore

 In the divisions He sought us,
Weary and famished for food;
Into the good land He brought us,
Oh, to our spirit how good!
Jesus Himself is our pasture,
He is the food that we eat;
We as His sheep are fed richly
Each time, whenever we meet.
Dwell we here on a high mountain,
Wet with the morning-fresh dew,
Slaking our thirst at the fountain,
Water so living and new.
Christ is our rest and enjoyment,
Here we have nothing to fear;
Here all the sheep dwell securely,
Kept by His presence so dear.

 In tenderness He sought me,
Weary and sick with sin,
And on His shoulders brought me
Into His flock again.
While angels in His presence sang
Until the courts of heaven rang.

Oh, the love that sought me!
Oh, the blood that bought me!
Oh, the grace that brought me to the flock,
Wondrous grace that brought me to the flock!

He washed the bleeding sin-wounds,
And poured in oil and wine;
He whispered to assure me,
“I’ve found thee, thou art Mine:”
I never heard a sweeter voice,
It made my aching heart rejoice.
He pointed to the nail-prints,
For me His blood was shed;
A mocking crown so thorny,
Was placed upon His head:
I wondered what He saw in me,
To suffer such deep agony.
 I’m sitting in His presence,
The sunshine of His face,
While with adoring wonder
His blessings I retrace.
It seems as if eternal days
Are far too short to sound His praise.
So while the hours are passing,
All now is perfect rest;
I’m waiting for the morning,
The brightest and the best,
When He will call us to His side,
To be with Him, His spotless Bride.

’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His word;
Just to rest upon His promise;
Just to know, Thus saith the Lord.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him,
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er,
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust Him more.

O how sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to trust His cleansing blood;
Just in simple faith to plunge me,
’Neath the healing, cleansing flood.
Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just from sin and self to cease;
Just from Jesus simply taking
Life, and rest, and joy, and peace.
 I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that Thou art with me,
Wilt be with me to the end.

To Jerusalem we’ve come,
We are through with Babylon,
We have gathered to be one,
  O glory be to God!
Of the teachings we’re bereft,
All opinions we have left,
Spirit from the soul is cleft,
  In the local churches now.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We are all in one accord
For the building of the Lord.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We are living in the local churches now!

That recovery may proceed
Real priests are what we need—
Those who live in Christ indeed,
O glory be to God!
Saturated with the Lord,
They have Christ as their reward.
These the building work afford
In the local churches now.
And the kingship we must see
With divine authority—
To this rule we’ll all agree,
O glory be to God!
To the Spirit we’ll submit
For the church’s benefit—
This is His prerequisite
In the local churches now.
We the altar must obtain,
Have our all upon it lain.
The burnt-offering must be slain,
O glory be to God!
This we never should dispute,
For the church be absolute,
All that’s otherwise uproot
In the local churches now.
The foundation now is laid—
O what glory doth pervade!
We are all with joy arrayed,
O glory be to God!
Let us raise a mighty shout—
They will hear us far without,
And the enemy we’ll rout
In the local churches now.

How faithful and trustworthy too,
My Father God, art Thou;
The universe and all therein
Thy faithfulness avow.

How stedfast is Thy faithfulness!
For this I worship Thee;
It is established in the heav’n,
And ever stands for me.

No turning shadow could there be,
Nor any change with Thee;
As Thou hast been, and now Thou art,
Forever Thou wilt be.
Thy word, as certain as Thyself,
Can never pass away;
Though heav’n and earth shall disappear,
Thy word abides for aye.
Thy gifts without repentance are,
Thy calling is the same;
Thy grace forever lasting is,
Thy mercy as Thy name.
Thy word with Thine own faithfulness
A surety is to me;
By it, with Thy salvation true,
I have the certainty.
If, due to self, I trust Thee not,
Yet Thou art faithful still;
Thou never canst deny Thyself,
Thy word Thou shalt fulfill.
As Thou art faithful to perform
Thy promise and Thy call;
So, feeding on Thy faithfulness,
I take Thyself withal.
The rainbow round about Thy throne
Thy faithfulness declares;
This attribute forevermore
The holy city bears.

I’ve turned my back upon the world
With all its idle pleasures,
And set my heart on better things,
On higher, holier treasures;
No more its glitter and its glare,
And vanity shall blind me;
I’ve crossed the separating line,
And left the world behind me.
Far, far behind me!
Far, far behind me!
I’ve crossed the separating line,
And left the world behind me.

I’ve left the old sad life of sin,
Its follies all forsaken;
My standing place is now in Christ,
His holy vows I’ve taken;
Beneath the standard of the cross
The world henceforth shall find me;
I’ve passed in Christ from death to life,
And left the world behind me.
Far, far behind me!
Far, far behind me!
I’ve passed in Christ from death to life,
And left the world behind me.
My soul shall ne’er return again
Back to its former station
For here alone is perfect peace,
And rest from condemnation;
I’ve made exchange of masters now,
The vows of glory bind me,
And once for all I’ve left the world,
Yes, left the world behind me.
Far, far behind me!
Far, far behind me!
And once for all I’ve left the world,
Yes, left the world behind me.
My choice is made forevermore,
I want no other Savior;
I ask no purer happiness
Than His sweet love and favor;
My heart is fixed on Jesus Christ,
No more the world shall blind me;
I’ve crossed the Red Sea of His death,
And left the world behind me.
Far, far behind me!
Far, far behind me!
I’ve crossed the Red Sea of His death,
And left the world behind me.

Drink! A river pure and clear that’s flowing from the throne;
Eat! The tree of life with fruits abundant, richly grown;
Look! No need of lamp nor sun nor moon to keep it bright, for
Here there is no night!

Do come, oh, do come,
Says Spirit and the Bride:
Do come, oh, do come,
Let him that heareth, cry.
Do come, oh, do come,
Let him who thirsts and will
Take freely the water of life!

Christ, our river, Christ, our water, springing from within;
Christ, our tree, and Christ, the fruits, to be enjoyed therein,
Christ, our day, and Christ, our light, and Christ, our morningstar:
Christ, our everything!
We are washing all our robes the tree of life to eat;
“O Lord, Amen, Hallelujah!”—Jesus is so sweet!
We our spirits exercise, and thus experience Christ.
What a Christ have we!
Now we have a home so bright that outshines the sun,
Where the brothers all unite and truly are one.
Jesus gets us all together, Him we now display
In the local church.

What He is: He’s the Father.
He’s the everlasting Father.
He’s the firstborn of creation.
He’s the One who lives inside of me.
He’s the Father! Wonderful!

What He is: He’s the river.
He’s the mighty flowing river.
He waters me in a desert land.
He’s my hiding place; He is our man.
He’s the river! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the vine tree.
He’s the branch, the root of Jesse.
He’s the tree of life: we have the right
To eat of Him and have His life.
He’s the vine tree! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Shepherd.
He’s the lamb of God, the he-goat.
We rest and feed in the pasture land.
We strike the blood and eat the lamb.
He’s the Shepherd! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Spirit.
He’s the all-inclusive Spirit.
He’s our everything; He’s our all in all.
He gives life to us whene’er we call.
He’s the Spirit! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s a Person.
He’s a real and living Person.
He is living now inside of us.
This Person is so glorious.
He’s a Person! Wonderful!
What He is: He’s the Body;
He’s the fulness of the Godhead;
He’s the center of the Father’s plan,
Christ and the church, the one new man.
He is wonderful, wonderful.
He is wonderful, wonderful.
He is wonderful, wonderful.

Father God, Thou art the source of life.
We, Thy sons, are Thine expression;
In Thy name, our dear possession.
Father God, Thou art the source of life.
In Thy life, in Thy life,
We have oneness in Thy life.
In Thy life, in Thy life,
In Thy life, O Father, we are one.

How we thank Thee that Thy holy Word
With Thy nature, saturates us;
From the world it separates us.
Thank Thee, Father, for Thy holy Word.
Through Thy Word, through Thy Word,
We have oneness through Thy Word.
Through Thy Word, through Thy Word,
Through Thy holy Word we’re all made one.

Oh, the glory of the Triune God!
We’re His sons, oh, what a blessing!
We His glory are expressing—
Oh, the glory of the Triune God!
In Thy glory, in Thy glory,
In Thy glory we are one.
In Thy glory, in Thy glory,
In Thy glory we are all made one!

We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender;
We go not forth alone against the foe;
Strong in Thy strength, safe in Thy keeping tender.
We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go.

Yea, in Thy Name, O Captain of salvation!
In Thy dear Name, all other names above;
Jesus our Righteousness, our sure Foundation,
Our Prince of glory and our King of love.

We go in faith, our own great weakness feeling,
And needing more each day Thy grace to know:
Yet from our hearts a song of triumph pealing;
We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go.

We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender:
Thine is the battle, Thine shall be the praise
When reigning in the Kingdom of Thy splendor;
Victors, we rest with Thee, through endless days.

Upon the throne of Jesus Christ
We’ve taken up our seat.
The world and Satan, sin and self
Are all beneath our feet!
Christ’s finished work did put us here.
When once for all He died;
No more are we the sinners poor,
We’re fully glorified.

We’re dwelling in the house of God,
The church life glorious.
The shrinking-back, low Christian life,
Is not the life for us!
We’re passing through the Holy Place
Of mind, emotion, will;
We’re dwelling in the Holiest
Where God our being fills.

We’re under the New Covenant,
With glorious items, three:
The law of life, spontaneous,
Transforming utterly;
We are His people, He’s our God—
Oh, bless’d reality;
We all are fully able now
To know God inwardly.

A supplement God added then;
This item we must know:
Christ Jesus did put sin away
Two thousand years ago.
No memory of sin at all,
It’s hist’ry, done and gone;
In spirit now the law of life
Will take us swiftly on.

Two things accomplished by our Lord
On Calvary’s cross, we see:
The law of life, the end of sin!
Our God’s economy.
Since all His work was finished there,
He entered into rest;
Now on the throne He prays that we
Will take our full bequest.

We’ll drop our former concepts, Lord,
To take this finished way;
Appropriating each bequest,
We’ll praise You more each day.
We’ll heed our High Priest’s inward call—
“Come forward!” to the end—
Until we reach the final goal;
The New Jerusalem!

 Praise Him! praise Him! Christ is Victor!
He has won the victory!
Sin is judged, old Adam finished,
Full redemption now we see!
Vanquished all the evil powers
Thru the Cross triumphantly!

Praise Him! Christ is resurrected!
God hath raised Him from the dead!
All the pow’r of death is swallowed,
Man from death to life is led!
Broken through are hell and darkness
And His pow’r exhibited!

Praise Him’ Christ hath now ascended!
God hath raised Him to the throne!
Far above all rule and power,
He the highest Name doth own!
All authority receiving
Till His foe is overthrown!

Hallelujah, Christ the Victor
Triumphed on Mt. Calvary!
Hallelujah, resurrected,
He displays His victory!
Hallelujah, now ascended,
He shall reign eternallY!

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!
Unto everlasting days our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, Holy, Holy, Merciful and Mighty!
God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity!

Holy, Holy, Holy! all the saints adore Thee;
Heaven’s elders cast their crowns down by the glassy sea;
Cherubim and seraphim worship too before Thee,
Who wert, and art, and evermore shalt be.

Holy, Holy, Holy! though the darkness hide Thee,
Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see,
Only Thou art holy, there is none beside Thee
Perfect in power, in love, and purity.