Oh, sanctify us, Lord; now add Thyself to us,
In our experience, Thy Person spread in us,
That in reality the church be glorious,
O Lord, do add Thyself, we pray.
Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today;
Lord Jesus, You’re the only way.
We take Your Person, Lord;
Oh, spread Yourself abroad.
Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today.
Oh, purify us, Lord, by speaking in our heart;
Thy living, spoken word this washing will impart.
Increase Thy speaking, Lord, and cleanse our every part.
Oh, purify us, Lord, we pray.
Oh, purify us, Lord, today;
Wash all our natural life away.
Speak now Thy words in us,
And make us glorious.
O Lord, do speak in us today.
O Lord, do nourish us; You are the food we need;
As we are eating You, we’ll be transformed indeed;
We’re fully satisfied as on Yourself we feed,
So nourish us, O Lord, we pray.
O Lord, do nourish us today
As all our self You wash away.
Not only purify,
But fill and satisfy;
O Lord, do nourish us today.
O Lord, do cherish us, as on Thyself we feed;
Warm us so tenderly and meet our every need.
Our hardness soften, Lord, till we are Yours indeed;
Oh, cherish us, dear Lord, we pray.
O Lord, do cherish us today,
Until our coldness flees away.
Oh, hold us close to Thee
And cherish tenderly;
O Lord, do cherish us today.
Lord, make us glorious, by all Your inner work,
Not glory for ourselves, but glory for the church;
That You may have Your Bride, thus ending all Your search.
O Lord, do work on us, we pray.
O Lord, do work on us today!
To form the church Your glorious way.
Oh, spread Yourself in us
Till we are glorious;
Oh, make us glorious, Lord, today.

Thou art the Son beloved,
The image of our God;
Thou art the saints’ dear portion,
Imparted thru Thy blood.
Among all God’s creation
Thou art the firstborn One;
By Thee all was created,
All for Thyself to own.

Thou art before all creatures,
In Thee all things consist;
Of all Thou art the center,
By Thee all things subsist.
Thou art the sole beginning,
The Firstborn from the dead;
And for the Church, Thy Body,
Thou art the glorious Head.

Because it pleased the Father,
All fulness dwells in Thee,
That Thou might have the first place
In all we ever see.
All things Thou reconciledst
To God by Thy shed blood,
To thus present us holy
And blameless unto God.

In Thee God’s fulness dwelleth,
Thou art God’s mystery;
The treasures of all wisdom
And knowledge are in Thee.
Thou art the hope of glory,
In us Thou dost abide;
In Thee we are perfected
And God is satisfied.

All things are but a shadow
Which unto us reveal
Thyself, in whom we’re rooted,
The only One that’s real.
Enjoying all Thy riches,
Thy fulness we will be;
We’ll hold Thee, as Thy Body,
And grow with God in Thee.

With Thee in God we’re hidden,
Thou art in us our life;
Thy peace in us presiding,
We rest from all our strife.
In the new man, Thy Body,
Thou art the all in all;
Our all-inclusive Savior,
Thyself we’ll ever call.

One with Thee, Thou Son eternal,
Joined by faith in spirit one,
Share we in Thy death inclusive
And Thy life, O God the Son.
One with Thee, Thou Son beloved,
Part of Thee become thru grace,
Heirs with Thee of our one Father,
We’re Thy Spirit’s dwelling place.

One with Thee, Thou Son incarnate,
Born with Thee, the Man of worth,
We, the members of Thy body,
Sojourn with Thee here on earth.
One with Thee, Thou Son anointed,
Sharing too the Spirit’s power,
We in full cooperation
Labor with Thee hour by hour.

One with Thee, Thou Son forsaken,
Judgment and the curse we’ve passed;
We to sin are dead forever,
Hell beneath our feet is cast.
One with Thee in resurrection,
Death can never us oppress;
Live we in Thy new creation,
Bearing fruits of righteousness.

One with Thee, Thou Son ascended,
Seated with Thee on the throne,
Thine authority we share and
Rule with Thee, Thy rank our own.
One with Thee, Thou Son returning,
Glorified with Thee we’ll be,
E’er to manifest Thy beauty,
One with Thee eternally.

We are never weary singing our eternal song:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
We would sing His praise forever with our spirit strong:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
O the children of the Lord have a wondrous song to sing,
For the Lord will by His grace many sons to glory bring.
We are going in that day to the presence of the King:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
We are lost amid the rapture of redeeming love:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
We are seeking every moment all its grace to prove:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
We are going on to glory as the Lord has told:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
Where the King in all His beauty we shall soon behold:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
There we’ll sing His grace and mercy in a glad new song:
Glory to God, hallelujah!
There we’ll praise our glorious Savior with the blessed throng:
Glory to God, hallelujah!