A flowing river and a tree,
Eden’s outstanding features are,
Man to supply with food and drink
That he may live fore’er.

God is in Christ to be my supply,
God as the Spirit nourisheth me;
If upon Christ in spirit I feed,
Filled with His life I’ll be.

The tree the glorious Christ does show
As living food to man supplied,
That he God’s riches may enjoy,
Thus to be satisfied.
The river does the Spirit show,
Coming man’s spirit to supply,
That with God’s riches he be filled,
Holy to be thereby.
The Christ of glory is my life,
He as the Spirit lives in mine,
That I with God be fully blent
And in His image shine.
I would exalt this glorious Christ,
Ever the Spirit I’d obey,
Making His glory fully known,
Filled with His grace for aye.

Gracious Lord, Thy name “I AM” is,
Precious name, how rich and full ‘tis,
All-inclusive, faithful too ‘tis-
All we need, Thou art!

Thou the Son, the Father in Thee,
As the Spirit now indwell me,
That the riches of Thyself we
May experience.

Thou the Temple for God’s dwelling,
Thou the Father’s life e’er telling;
We in Thee with joy excelling
Face to face see Him.

Thou the Lamb and Thou the Bridegroom,
For the bride Thou sufferedst sin’s doom,
Wounded, crucified in our room;
Thus we find our rest.

Thou art wisdom and the way, Lord,
Thou our lives dost plan each day, Lord,
Grace to us Thou dost convey, Lord,
In Thy path to walk.

Pure and holy, righteous Thou art,
One with God, well-pleasing His heart,
Thou within to us dost impart
Harmony with God.

Thou art life and Thou art light, Lord,
Death hast swallowed, banished night, Lord,
Thou hast quickened, given sight, Lord;
We are now set free.

Thou art resurrection power,
Thou the conqu’ror in hell’s hour;
Thou dost us with might empower
Over all to reign.

Living water, food supply, Lord,
Thou Thyself art, and didst die, Lord,
All our want to satisfy, Lord;
Now we feast on Thee.

Thou the Shepherd and Physician,
Thou hast healed our sick condition;
Comfort, guide, protect-Thy mission;
Thou dost care for us.

Priest and King Thou art fore’er, Lord;
Into God we’re brought, and there, Lord,
Thine authority we share, Lord;
What an honored place!

Thou our Hope and our Redemption,
Thou wilt change our old creation,
Make of Thee a duplication,
Thus Thyself express.

Thou our Joy, our Peace, our Glory;
Truth, and Grace, the Rock, the Life-tree,
Building, Mountain, Sun, and Shield-we
Ne’er can tell it all.

What Thou art-eternal, boundless,
Full and perfect, rich, exhaustless-
Meets our need to utter fullness
And from us o’erflows.

One new man is the Father’s plan;
He redeemed us from the sons of men.
Every kindred, tribe and tongue,
In Himself He called us to be one.
God’s expression on the earth
Now reveals His glorious worth.
One new man is the Father’s plan;
He redeemed us from the sons of men.

On the cross ordinances slain,
That He might form just one of twain.
Reconciling us to God,
Thus on the serpent’s head He trod.
He breaks down the middle wall
As upon His name we call;
On the cross ordinances slain,
That He might form just one of twain.

For this cause Your Person, Lord,
We take and stand in one accord;
All the members self forsake,
And of the Body-Christ partake.
We in Christ as one new man
Now come forth to take this land.
For this cause Your Person, Lord,
We take and stand in one accord.

Father, long before creation,
Thou hadst chosen us in love;
And that love, so deep, so moving,
Draws us close to Christ above,
And will keep us, and will keep us,
Firmly fixed in Christ alone,
Firmly fixed in Christ alone.

God’s compassion is my story,
Is my boasting all the day;
Mercy free and never failing
Moves my will, directs my way.
God so loved us, God so loved us,
That His only Son He gave,
That His only Son He gave.

Though the world may change its fashion,
Yet our God is e’er the same;
His compassion and His cov’nant
Through all ages will remain.
God’s own children, God’s own children,
Must forever praise His name,
Must forever praise His name.

Loving Father, now before Thee
We will ever praise Thy love;
And our song will sound unceasing
Till we meet Thy Son above,
Giving glory, giving glory,
To our God and to the Lamb,
To our God and to the Lamb.