The Lord shall get the glory
If we will sing His praise,
And angel hosts will listen
When we our voices raise;
The world around will hear us
Give glory unto God,
And Satan’s hosts will tremble
And flee our conqu’ring rod.

Our mouth shut up defeats us
And wins the Devil’s smile;
So why not open battle
And chase him all the while.
By “sacrifice of praises”
And shouts of victory—
’Twill cost us but our faces
God’s chosen fools to be!

The world has never helped us
To shout our Savior’s praise,
Nor given Him the glory
Nor lent one thankful phrase;
So need we ask permission
To praise th’ ascended Lord?
Cry out! Release your spirit!
Much grace He does afford!

O brothers, be not silent!
O sisters, cry aloud!
The sound shall tell God’s triumph
And blessings far abroad.
Now is the time to praise Him,
Yes now, at any cost!
O joy in your salvation,
And in His mercy boast.

A mighty flowing-out is God,
He flows throughout the ages.
And so to flow Himself to man
He is in many stages;
Yet still one God is He,
One flow eternally;
His stages pave the way
To flow through man today,
And now He flows within us!

In the beginning we can see,
God as a flowing river,
The river to convey the tree,
Himself as life deliver.
And at the end the same,
The river doth remain,
God in the Lamb doth flow,
The tree prevails to grow,
And God flows on forever.

God flowed Himself into a man,
The man we call Christ Jesus.
He gave up His own life for man
And God’s own life releases.
Though Satan did his best
To put God’s flow to rest—
He had Him crucified
And cruelly pierced His side—
But out came blood and water!

The blood and water flowed from Him,
In streams of pure salvation.
The blood brings cleansing from all sin;
Water, regeneration.
And now the Spirit flows,
Brings God where’er He goes.
All he could do, the foe,
Was just release the flow.
And God just keeps on flowing.

Gracious Lord, Thy name “I AM” is,
Precious name, how rich and full ‘tis,
All-inclusive, faithful too ‘tis-
All we need, Thou art!

Thou the Son, the Father in Thee,
As the Spirit now indwell me,
That the riches of Thyself we
May experience.

Thou the Temple for God’s dwelling,
Thou the Father’s life e’er telling;
We in Thee with joy excelling
Face to face see Him.

Thou the Lamb and Thou the Bridegroom,
For the bride Thou sufferedst sin’s doom,
Wounded, crucified in our room;
Thus we find our rest.

Thou art wisdom and the way, Lord,
Thou our lives dost plan each day, Lord,
Grace to us Thou dost convey, Lord,
In Thy path to walk.

Pure and holy, righteous Thou art,
One with God, well-pleasing His heart,
Thou within to us dost impart
Harmony with God.

Thou art life and Thou art light, Lord,
Death hast swallowed, banished night, Lord,
Thou hast quickened, given sight, Lord;
We are now set free.

Thou art resurrection power,
Thou the conqu’ror in hell’s hour;
Thou dost us with might empower
Over all to reign.

Living water, food supply, Lord,
Thou Thyself art, and didst die, Lord,
All our want to satisfy, Lord;
Now we feast on Thee.

Thou the Shepherd and Physician,
Thou hast healed our sick condition;
Comfort, guide, protect-Thy mission;
Thou dost care for us.

Priest and King Thou art fore’er, Lord;
Into God we’re brought, and there, Lord,
Thine authority we share, Lord;
What an honored place!

Thou our Hope and our Redemption,
Thou wilt change our old creation,
Make of Thee a duplication,
Thus Thyself express.

Thou our Joy, our Peace, our Glory;
Truth, and Grace, the Rock, the Life-tree,
Building, Mountain, Sun, and Shield-we
Ne’er can tell it all.

What Thou art-eternal, boundless,
Full and perfect, rich, exhaustless-
Meets our need to utter fullness
And from us o’erflows.

Thou art love-and Thou art light, Lord,
In the Son as life Thou art;
Love expressing, light illum’ning,
Thou dost life to us impart.
Thou art love! Thou art light!
In the Son as life Thou art;
Love expressing, light illum’ning
Thou dost life to us impart.

Love bespeaks Thy very being,
What Thou dost is shown by light;
Love is inward, light is outward,
Love accompanies the light.

Love by grace is manifested,
And the light by truth is shown;
By Thy love we may enjoy Thee;
By Thy light Thou, Lord, art known.

Thru Thy love, which led to Calvary,
We receive the life of God;
Light our understanding opens,
That we may apply the blood.

Thru Thy love, as life Thou enter’st
Fellowship with Thee to give;
Thru Thy light we take Thy cleansing
And in fellowship may live.

By the light and blood which cleanses,
The anointing we shall know;
Then the life of love Thine essence,
More and more in us will flow.

By Thy love we are Thy children,
Abba Father calling Thee;
Light disperses all our darkness,
Till, like Him, Thy Son, we see.

O what grace! O what truth!
Love is seen and light is shown!
We would praise Thee never ceasing,
Thou by love and light art known!