Praise Him! praise Him! Christ is Victor!
He has won the victory!
Sin is judged, old Adam finished,
Full redemption now we see!
Vanquished all the evil powers
Thru the Cross triumphantly!

Praise Him! Christ is resurrected!
God hath raised Him from the dead!
All the pow’r of death is swallowed,
Man from death to life is led!
Broken through are hell and darkness
And His pow’r exhibited!

Praise Him’ Christ hath now ascended!
God hath raised Him to the throne!
Far above all rule and power,
He the highest Name doth own!
All authority receiving
Till His foe is overthrown!

Hallelujah, Christ the Victor
Triumphed on Mt. Calvary!
Hallelujah, resurrected,
He displays His victory!
Hallelujah, now ascended,
He shall reign eternallY!

If we take up the cross, will we but suffer pain?
Nay, if we bear the cross, be sure that we will die!
The meaning of the cross is that we may be slain;
The cross experienced the self will crucify.

Divine deliverance e’er slays man by the cross;
Though cruel it may seem, it is a grand release.
Christ ne’er will be our life if we escape the cross;
Christ ne’er will be expressed but by our sure decease.
The cross’s final goal, that God’s will be fulfilled;
His will’s arch enemy is but the self of man.
If self be done away and all the soul-life killed,
God’s will shall then prevail and prospered be His plan.
 Pray with one accord in spirit,
Supplicate relatedly;
Seek the Lord, His mind, His leading,
In the Spirit’s harmony.

Olives that have known no pressure
No oil can bestow;
If the grapes escape the winepress,
Cheering wine can never flow;
Spikenard only through the crushing,
Fragrance can diffuse.
Shall I then, Lord, shrink from suff’ring
Which Thy love for me would choose?
Each blow I suffer
Is true gain to me.
In the place of what Thou takest
Thou dost give Thyself to me.

Do my heart-strings need Thy stretching,
Songs divine to prove?
Do I need for sweetest music
Cruel treatment of Thy love?
Lord, I fear no deprivation
If it draws to Thee;
I would yield in full surrender
All Thy heart of love to see.
I’m ashamed, my Lord, for seeking
Self to guard alway;
Though Thy love has done its stripping,
Yet I’ve been compelled this way.
Lord, according to Thy pleasure
Fully work on me;
Heeding not my human feelings,
Only do what pleases Thee.
If Thy mind and mine should differ,
Still pursue Thy way;
If Thy pleasure means my sorrow,
Still my heart shall answer, “Yea!”
’Tis my deep desire to please Thee,
Though I suffer loss;
E’en though Thy delight and glory
Mean that I endure the cross.
Oh, I’ll praise Thee, e’en if weeping
Mingle with my song.
Thine increasing sweetness calls forth
Grateful praises all day long.
Thou hast made Thyself more precious
Than all else to me:
Thou increase and I decrease, Lord-
This is now my only plea.

There are two lines to live by in our living today—
One the life line to bring us into Christ all the way.
But the other is knowledge which will make us die;
We must be very careful on which line we abide.

Oh, we’ll stay on God’s life line, never turning aside.
We don’t care for vain knowledge, which will cause us to die.
Lord, we’ll touch You by calling on Your name each day;
Living in Your appearing, in Your presence we’ll stay.

Lord, we would be as Abel, fully contacting You;
Not by knowledge or concept, but by life fresh and new.
Just as Enosh began to call upon Your name,
And as Enoch who walked with You, we’ll do just the same.
Keep us living and walking as did old Abraham;
In Your holy appearing to be transfused like him.
As did Isaac and Jacob, Moses lived this way—
So dependent upon Your presence with him each day.
Full enjoyment had David, ate the life-giving tree.
Daniel prayed to his God and lived by Him constantly.
Jesus lived by the Father to be life complete;
Now as His living Body of the life tree we’ll eat.


O how glorious! O how holy!
God is the eternal life!
Full, unlimited, and pow’rful,
Pure, and merciful, and bright!
In this life are all His riches,
All His nature, love and light.

Pray with one accord in spirit,
 O how loving! O how gracious!
God Himself is life to man!
He in man hath made a spirit
That He might fulfill His plan.
’Tis His heart’s delight and longing
E’er to be received by man.
O what love and grace unbounded!
God as life to man doth flow!
He no more is hid in secret
But Himself to man doth show,
First in flesh and then as Spirit
That His life all men may know.
How approachable! How near us!
God in Christ our life to be!
Christ is God in flesh incarnate,
Manifest for man to see.
Died and risen, now He enters
Into man, his life to be.
 O what wonder! As the Spirit
God as life to man is shown!
’Tis His other transformation,
He as Spirit thus is known;
Men convicting and inspiring,
He within them makes His home.
O how glorious! O how precious!
Thus the triune God to know!
First the Father in the Son came,
Now the Son as Spirit flows.
When in man the Spirit enters
God as life He doth bestow.
How mysterious, yet how real!
God Himself now flows in me!
In my heart, with me in oneness,
He has come my life to be.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
I will praise unceasingly!

Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
For my very life art Thou;
Thee I take to all my problems
As the full solution now.
Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
In all things Thy will be done;
I but a transparent vessel
To make visible the Son.

Consecrated is Thy temple,
  Purged from every stain and sin;
May Thy flame of glory now be
  Manifested from within.
Let the earth in solemn wonder
  See my body willingly
Offered as Thy slave obedient,
  Energized alone by Thee.
Every moment, every member,
Girded, waiting Thy command;
Underneath the yoke to labor
Or be laid aside as planned.
When restricted in pursuing,
No disquiet will beset;
Underneath Thy faithful dealing
Not a murmur or regret.
Ever tender, quiet, restful,
Inclinations put away,
That Thou may for me choose freely
As Thy finger points the way.
Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me,
For my very life art Thou;
Thee I take to all my problems
As the full solution now

God’s intention is to have us
All conformed to His dear Son;
Thus a work of transformation
By the Spirit must be done.
Lord, transform us to Thine image
In emotion, mind, and will;
Saturate us with Thy Spirit,
All our being wholly fill.

God hath us regenerated
In our spirit with His life;
But He must transform us further-
In our soul by His own life.

Spreading outward from our spirit
Doth the Lord transform our soul,
By the inward parts renewing,
Till within His full control.

By the power of His Spirit
In His pattern He transforms;
From His glory to His glory
To His image He conforms.

He transforms, all sanctifying,
Till like Him we are matured;
He transforms, our soul possessing,
Till His stature is secured.


In all Thy wisdom, Father God,
According to Thy will,
Eternal purpose Thou hast made
That all Thy Son might fill.
How deep and rich Thy wisdom is,
O who can search and trace?
Yet, Father God, in it we find
Thy mercy and Thy grace!

How wondrously Thou mad’st all things,
O who can know Thy mind?
All are of Thee, thru Thee, to Thee,
Thy wisdom here we find.
Thy wisdom shuts up all in sin,
That mercy may be shown,
That none may boast in anything
But in Thyself alone.
In wisdom, by the cross, Thou hast
For us redemption made,
That in our spirit we may have
Thyself, the treasure, laid.
Thy wisdom thru Thy Church is known
By principalities,
Thru us Thy wisdom manifold
Shown in the heavenlies.
When in the new Jerusalem
In mercy we will boast,
Thy wisdom will be known for aye
Unto the uttermost.

All Scripture is the very breath of God,
And by His Spirit into words was breathed;
By godly men the words were written down,
With all God’s fulness unto man bequeathed.

 It is the breath of God as light to man,
With rays divine man to illuminate;
It shines in darkness and to man reveals
What is his truest need and actual state.
 It is the breath of God as life to man,
Nature divine to man it doth impart;
The dead it quickens and regenerates,
Transforms the soul-life and renews the heart.
 It is the breath of God as wisdom too,
Knowledge divine to man it has to teach;
Th’ eternal purpose of the Lord it shows,
And leadeth man God’s final goal to reach.
It is the breath of God as strength to man,
Power divine to man it doth transmit,
Strength’ning the weak, empowering the faint,
Enabling man God’s purpose full to fit.
 It is the breath of God for us to breathe,
That as our portion God we may enjoy;
Receiving it by spirits exercised,
Our need is met, His wealth we may employ.

I come to Thee, dear Lord,
My heart doth thirst for Thee;
Of Thee I’d eat, of Thee I’d drink.
Enjoy Thee thoroughly.

Just to behold Thy face,
For this my heart doth cry;
I deeply long to drink of Thee
My thirst to satisfy.
Thy glorious, radiant face
My heart delights to see;
Here I’d abide and ne’er depart,
Beholding constantly.
In such a fellowship
Thou, Lord, art grace to me;
My heart and spirit gladdened, filled,
I enter rest in Thee.
 Lord, I would linger here,
Still seeking after Thee,
Continue in the Word and prayer
Till Thou dost flow thru me.

O to be like Thee! blessed Redeemer;
This is my constant longing and prayer;
Gladly I’ll forfeit all of earth’s treasures,
Jesus, Thy perfect likeness to wear.
O to be like Thee! O to be like Thee!
Blessed Redeemer, pure as Thou art;
Come in Thy sweetness, come in Thy fullness;
Stamp Thine own image deep on my heart.

O to be like Thee! full of compassion,
Loving, forgiving, tender and kind,
Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting,
Seeking the wand’ring sinners to find.
O to be like Thee! lowly in spirit,
Holy and harmless, patient and brave;
Meekly enduring cruel reproaches,
Willing to suffer, others to save.
O to be like Thee! Lord, I am coming,
Now to receive th’ anointing divine;
All that I am and have I am bringing;
Lord, from this moment all shall be Thine.
O to be like Thee! While I am pleading
Pour out Thy Spirit, fill with Thy love.
Make me a temple meet for Thy dwelling,
Fit for a life which Thou wouldst approve.

Holy Father, we adore Thee,
Rev’rent song to Thee we raise;
Thou art holy, Thou art lofty,
”Holy is Thy Name,” we praise.

Loving is Thy heart, dear Father,
Righteous ever are Thy ways;
But how holy is Thy nature,
Yet, to us Christ it conveys.
Thou hast ever sanctified us
With the blood of Christ our Lord;
Thou hast separated sinners
Thru the truth which is Thy Word.
Thou hast, by Thy Holy Spirit,
Made us holy unto Thee;
And our spirit, soul, and body
Wholly sanctified will be.
Oh! the holy life of Jesus
Thru Thy grace we now possess;
Thou wilt make us e’en partakers
Of Thy very holiness.
When within that holy city,
Thy full holiness we’ll share,
To the uttermost forever,
”Thou art holy,” we’ll declare.

My will is weak, my strength is frail,
And all my hope is nearly gone;
I can but trust Thy working true
To gently hold and lead me on.

 I’ve tried my best, but still have failed,
E’en as before I’ve failed and erred;
Thy patience is my only trust
To hold and keep me to Thy word.
 Whene’er my heart is lifted up,
How very near I am to fall;
I dare not do, I dare not think,
I need Thyself in great or small.
 Thou art my Savior, strength and stay,
O Lord, I come to seek Thy face;
Though I’m the weakest of the weak,
My strength is nothing but Thy grace.

For the glorious revelation
Of the sons of God to come,
All the creatures wait, expecting,
That they all may free become.

All creation groans together,
Subject now to vanity,
Looking for their full deliv’rance
From corruption’s slavery.
Even we ourselves are groaning,
Till we reach maturity;
We are growing to adoption,
With Christ in conformity.
’Tis for this the Spirit groaneth,
That to Christ we be conformed;
All things also work together,
That in life we be transformed.
God will bring us into glory,
We will then be glorified;
Fully saturated with Him,
We’ll be wholly sanctified.
To the freedom of this glory,
All creation will be freed;
With the kid shall lie the leopard,
And the cow with bear shall feed.
Heirs with Christ in full adoption,
We’ll His heritage possess,
Glorified with Him as brethren,
God’s full glory we’ll express.