Oh, what a life! Oh, what a peace!
The Christ who’s all within me lives.
With Him I have been crucified;
This glorious fact to me He gives.
Now it’s no longer I that live,
But Christ the Lord within me lives.

Oh, what a joy! Oh, what a rest!
Christ now is being formed in me.
His very nature and life divine
In my whole being inwrought shall be.
All that I am came to an end,
And all of Christ is all to me.
Oh, what a thought! Oh, what a boast!
Christ shall in me be magnified.
In nothing shall I be ashamed,
For He in all shall be applied.
In woe or blessing, death or life,
Through me shall Christ be testified.
 Oh, what a prize! Oh, what a gain!
Christ is the goal toward which I press.
Nothing I treasure, nor aught desire,
But Christ of all-inclusiveness.
My hope, my glory, and my crown
Is Christ, the One of peerlessness.
(Repeat the last two lines of each stanza)

O glorious Christ, Savior mine,
Thou art truly radiance divine;
God infinite, in eternity,
Yet man in time, finite to be.

Oh! Christ, expression of God, the Great,
Inexhaustible, rich, and sweet!
God mingled with humanity
Lives in me my all to be.

All things of the Father are Thine;
All Thou art in Spirit is mine;
The Spirit makes Thee real to me,
That Thou experienced might be.

In spirit while gazing on Thee,
As a glass reflecting Thy glory,
Like to Thyself transformed I’ll be,
That Thou might be expressed thru me.
Thy Spirit will me saturate
Every part will God permeate,
Deliv’ring me from the old man,
With all saints building for His plan.

The fulness of God dwells in Thee;
Thou dost manifest God’s glory;
In flesh Thou hast redemption wrought;
As Spirit, oneness with me sought.





The Spirit of life causes Thee
By Thy Word to transfer to me.
Thy Spirit touched, Thy word received,
Thy life in me is thus conceived.

In no other way could we be
Sanctified and share Thy vict’ry;
Thus only spiritual we’ll be
And touch the life of glory.

Lord, teach us how to pray,
Not as the nations do in vain,
But turn us from our way,
And cause us, Lord, to call on You each day—Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Lord Jesus, soften us;
You know the source from which we came.
By calling on Your name,
Lord, let no earth unturned nor rocks remain—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Make us in spirit poor;
Lord, take whate’er we think we know.
We’ll open to life’s flow,
And thus take in the life that makes us grow—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Yes, Lord, impress our heart
That we must take You in each day;
The seed will have its way;
Your growing brings the kingdom here to stay—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Lord, You’re the seed of life;
You’ve sown Yourself into our heart,
And now You have a start;
So day by day more life to us impart—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Lord, how Your light makes clear
That we could not but e’er fail You;
Yet there’s a message true,
The seed of life within us will break through—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Lord, make us pure in heart;
For we’ll be not content until
You all our being fill,
O Lord, renew our mind, emotion, will—
Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Amen!—The growth in life!
There’s nothing that Your life can’t do;
Our every part renew.
We’ll make it, we’ll make it just by You.
Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord Jesus, grow in us.

Of all the gifts Thy love bestows,
Thou Giver of all good.
E’en heav’n itself no richer knows
Than Jesus and His blood.
Faith, too, that trusts in Him through grace,
From that same love we gain;
Else, sweetly as it suits our case,
The gift had been in vain.
We praise Thee, and would praise Thee more,
To Thee our all we owe:
The precious Savior, and the power
That makes Him precious too.