Not the law of letters,
But the Christ of life
God desires to give us,
Saving us from strife;
It is not some doctrine,
But ‘tis Christ Himself
Who alone releases
From our sinful self.

Any kind of teaching,
Any kind of form,
Cannot quicken spirits
Or our souls transform;
It is Christ as Spirit
Gives us life divine,
Thus thru us to live the
Life of God’s design

Not philosophy nor
Any element
Can to Christ conform us
As His complement;
But ‘tis Christ Himself who
All our nature takes
And in resurrection
Us His members makes.

Not religion, even
Can fulfill God’s purpose
Or economy;
But ‘tis Christ within us
As our all in all
Satisfies God’s wishes,
And His plan withal.

All the gifts we’re given
By the Lord in grace,
All the different functions
Cannot Christ replace.
Only Christ Himself must
Be our all in all!
Only Christ Himself in
All things; great or small!55

One new man is the Father’s plan;
He redeemed us from the sons of men.
Every kindred, tribe and tongue,
In Himself He called us to be one.
God’s expression on the earth
Now reveals His glorious worth.
One new man is the Father’s plan;
He redeemed us from the sons of men.

On the cross ordinances slain,
That He might form just one of twain.
Reconciling us to God,
Thus on the serpent’s head He trod.
He breaks down the middle wall
As upon His name we call;
On the cross ordinances slain,
That He might form just one of twain.

For this cause Your Person, Lord,
We take and stand in one accord;
All the members self forsake,
And of the Body-Christ partake.
We in Christ as one new man
Now come forth to take this land.
For this cause Your Person, Lord,
We take and stand in one accord.

Our Father, as the evergreen,
Thou art forever new;
Thou art the ever living Lord,
Thy freshness as the dew.

O Father, Thou art unchanging,
Thou never hast grown old;
Thru countless ages, ever fresh,
Thy newness doth unfold.

O Thou art God, and Thou art “new”;
Without Thee all is worn,
But all with Thee is ever fresh,
Though many years have gone.

Each blessing Thou hast given us
Thy newness doth contain;
Thy covenant, Thy ways are new,
And ever thus remain.

Now we Thy new creation are-
New spirit and new heart;
We’re daily from the old renewed,
New life Thou dost impart.

The earth and heavens will be new
And Thy new city share;
New fruits each month will be supplied,
For all is newness there.

O Father, Thou art ever new,
And all is new in Thee;
We sing the new eternal song,
New praise we give to Thee.

God’s intention is to have us
All conformed to His dear Son;
Thus a work of transformation
By the Spirit must be done.
Lord, transform us to Thine image
In emotion, mind, and will;
Saturate us with Thy Spirit,
All our being wholly fill.

God hath us regenerated
In our spirit with His life;
But He must transform us further-
In our soul by His own life.

Spreading outward from our spirit
Doth the Lord transform our soul,
By the inward parts renewing,
Till within His full control.

By the power of His Spirit
In His pattern He transforms;
From His glory to His glory
To His image He conforms.

He transforms, all sanctifying,
Till like Him we are matured;
He transforms, our soul possessing,
Till His stature is secured.


Thou art the Son beloved,
The image of our God;
Thou art the saints’ dear portion,
Imparted thru Thy blood.
Among all God’s creation
Thou art the firstborn One;
By Thee all was created,
All for Thyself to own.

Thou art before all creatures,
In Thee all things consist;
Of all Thou art the center,
By Thee all things subsist.
Thou art the sole beginning,
The Firstborn from the dead;
And for the Church, Thy Body,
Thou art the glorious Head.

Because it pleased the Father,
All fulness dwells in Thee,
That Thou might have the first place
In all we ever see.
All things Thou reconciledst
To God by Thy shed blood,
To thus present us holy
And blameless unto God.

In Thee God’s fulness dwelleth,
Thou art God’s mystery;
The treasures of all wisdom
And knowledge are in Thee.
Thou art the hope of glory,
In us Thou dost abide;
In Thee we are perfected
And God is satisfied.

All things are but a shadow
Which unto us reveal
Thyself, in whom we’re rooted,
The only One that’s real.
Enjoying all Thy riches,
Thy fulness we will be;
We’ll hold Thee, as Thy Body,
And grow with God in Thee.

With Thee in God we’re hidden,
Thou art in us our life;
Thy peace in us presiding,
We rest from all our strife.
In the new man, Thy Body,
Thou art the all in all;
Our all-inclusive Savior,
Thyself we’ll ever call.