How faithful and trustworthy too,
My Father God, art Thou;
The universe and all therein
Thy faithfulness avow.

How stedfast is Thy faithfulness!
For this I worship Thee;
It is established in the heav’n,
And ever stands for me.

No turning shadow could there be,
Nor any change with Thee;
As Thou hast been, and now Thou art,
Forever Thou wilt be.
Thy word, as certain as Thyself,
Can never pass away;
Though heav’n and earth shall disappear,
Thy word abides for aye.
Thy gifts without repentance are,
Thy calling is the same;
Thy grace forever lasting is,
Thy mercy as Thy name.
Thy word with Thine own faithfulness
A surety is to me;
By it, with Thy salvation true,
I have the certainty.
If, due to self, I trust Thee not,
Yet Thou art faithful still;
Thou never canst deny Thyself,
Thy word Thou shalt fulfill.
As Thou art faithful to perform
Thy promise and Thy call;
So, feeding on Thy faithfulness,
I take Thyself withal.
The rainbow round about Thy throne
Thy faithfulness declares;
This attribute forevermore
The holy city bears.