Holy Father, we adore Thee,
Rev’rent song to Thee we raise;
Thou art holy, Thou art lofty,
”Holy is Thy Name,” we praise.

Loving is Thy heart, dear Father,
Righteous ever are Thy ways;
But how holy is Thy nature,
Yet, to us Christ it conveys.
Thou hast ever sanctified us
With the blood of Christ our Lord;
Thou hast separated sinners
Thru the truth which is Thy Word.
Thou hast, by Thy Holy Spirit,
Made us holy unto Thee;
And our spirit, soul, and body
Wholly sanctified will be.
Oh! the holy life of Jesus
Thru Thy grace we now possess;
Thou wilt make us e’en partakers
Of Thy very holiness.
When within that holy city,
Thy full holiness we’ll share,
To the uttermost forever,
”Thou art holy,” we’ll declare.