If we take up the cross, will we but suffer pain?
Nay, if we bear the cross, be sure that we will die!
The meaning of the cross is that we may be slain;
The cross experienced the self will crucify.

Divine deliverance e’er slays man by the cross;
Though cruel it may seem, it is a grand release.
Christ ne’er will be our life if we escape the cross;
Christ ne’er will be expressed but by our sure decease.
The cross’s final goal, that God’s will be fulfilled;
His will’s arch enemy is but the self of man.
If self be done away and all the soul-life killed,
God’s will shall then prevail and prospered be His plan.
 Pray with one accord in spirit,
Supplicate relatedly;
Seek the Lord, His mind, His leading,
In the Spirit’s harmony.