Fight the battle in the Body,
Never fight it on your own;
With the Body to the Head joined,
Fight the battle on the throne.

Fight the battle in the Body!
By the virtue of the Head;
Standing firmly with the Body,
Into vict’ry you’ll be led.

For the Body is God’s armor,
Not for anyone alone;
When you wrestle in the Body,
All its benefits you own.

 ’Tis the Church on Christ established
Satan shall not overpow’r;
’Tis the Body built together
Which resists the evil pow’r.

 In the Body, by the Headship,
Sitting in the heavenlies,
Struggle with the wicked spirits
And the principalities.

 As a member of the Body,
With the brethren stand for God;
Praying always in the Spirit,
Claim the vict’ry through the Blood.

In the heav’nlies more than conqu’ror,
In the power of His might,
As a soldier in the army,
In the Lord the battle fight.

Keep on wrestling in the Body,
Mighty vict’ry you will see,
Bind and loose, God’s will fulfilling,
And the foes your food will be.