Upon the throne of Jesus Christ
We’ve taken up our seat.
The world and Satan, sin and self
Are all beneath our feet!
Christ’s finished work did put us here.
When once for all He died;
No more are we the sinners poor,
We’re fully glorified.

We’re dwelling in the house of God,
The church life glorious.
The shrinking-back, low Christian life,
Is not the life for us!
We’re passing through the Holy Place
Of mind, emotion, will;
We’re dwelling in the Holiest
Where God our being fills.

We’re under the New Covenant,
With glorious items, three:
The law of life, spontaneous,
Transforming utterly;
We are His people, He’s our God—
Oh, bless’d reality;
We all are fully able now
To know God inwardly.

A supplement God added then;
This item we must know:
Christ Jesus did put sin away
Two thousand years ago.
No memory of sin at all,
It’s hist’ry, done and gone;
In spirit now the law of life
Will take us swiftly on.

Two things accomplished by our Lord
On Calvary’s cross, we see:
The law of life, the end of sin!
Our God’s economy.
Since all His work was finished there,
He entered into rest;
Now on the throne He prays that we
Will take our full bequest.

We’ll drop our former concepts, Lord,
To take this finished way;
Appropriating each bequest,
We’ll praise You more each day.
We’ll heed our High Priest’s inward call—
“Come forward!” to the end—
Until we reach the final goal;
The New Jerusalem!