There are two lines to live by in our living today—
One the life line to bring us into Christ all the way.
But the other is knowledge which will make us die;
We must be very careful on which line we abide.

Oh, we’ll stay on God’s life line, never turning aside.
We don’t care for vain knowledge, which will cause us to die.
Lord, we’ll touch You by calling on Your name each day;
Living in Your appearing, in Your presence we’ll stay.

Lord, we would be as Abel, fully contacting You;
Not by knowledge or concept, but by life fresh and new.
Just as Enosh began to call upon Your name,
And as Enoch who walked with You, we’ll do just the same.
Keep us living and walking as did old Abraham;
In Your holy appearing to be transfused like him.
As did Isaac and Jacob, Moses lived this way—
So dependent upon Your presence with him each day.
Full enjoyment had David, ate the life-giving tree.
Daniel prayed to his God and lived by Him constantly.
Jesus lived by the Father to be life complete;
Now as His living Body of the life tree we’ll eat.