O how glorious! O how holy!
God is the eternal life!
Full, unlimited, and pow’rful,
Pure, and merciful, and bright!
In this life are all His riches,
All His nature, love and light.

Pray with one accord in spirit,
 O how loving! O how gracious!
God Himself is life to man!
He in man hath made a spirit
That He might fulfill His plan.
’Tis His heart’s delight and longing
E’er to be received by man.
O what love and grace unbounded!
God as life to man doth flow!
He no more is hid in secret
But Himself to man doth show,
First in flesh and then as Spirit
That His life all men may know.
How approachable! How near us!
God in Christ our life to be!
Christ is God in flesh incarnate,
Manifest for man to see.
Died and risen, now He enters
Into man, his life to be.
 O what wonder! As the Spirit
God as life to man is shown!
’Tis His other transformation,
He as Spirit thus is known;
Men convicting and inspiring,
He within them makes His home.
O how glorious! O how precious!
Thus the triune God to know!
First the Father in the Son came,
Now the Son as Spirit flows.
When in man the Spirit enters
God as life He doth bestow.
How mysterious, yet how real!
God Himself now flows in me!
In my heart, with me in oneness,
He has come my life to be.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
I will praise unceasingly!