Thou art love-and Thou art light, Lord,
In the Son as life Thou art;
Love expressing, light illum’ning,
Thou dost life to us impart.
Thou art love! Thou art light!
In the Son as life Thou art;
Love expressing, light illum’ning
Thou dost life to us impart.

Love bespeaks Thy very being,
What Thou dost is shown by light;
Love is inward, light is outward,
Love accompanies the light.

Love by grace is manifested,
And the light by truth is shown;
By Thy love we may enjoy Thee;
By Thy light Thou, Lord, art known.

Thru Thy love, which led to Calvary,
We receive the life of God;
Light our understanding opens,
That we may apply the blood.

Thru Thy love, as life Thou enter’st
Fellowship with Thee to give;
Thru Thy light we take Thy cleansing
And in fellowship may live.

By the light and blood which cleanses,
The anointing we shall know;
Then the life of love Thine essence,
More and more in us will flow.

By Thy love we are Thy children,
Abba Father calling Thee;
Light disperses all our darkness,
Till, like Him, Thy Son, we see.

O what grace! O what truth!
Love is seen and light is shown!
We would praise Thee never ceasing,
Thou by love and light art known!