Christ comes quickly for His Bride,
Wedding feast He will provide,
Garments bright and pure supplied—
Dress in time!
Taking Christ as life she’s dressed,
By much suffering stitched and pressed;
Righteous acts are thus possessed—
Dress in time!

Be in time! Be in time!
For the marriage feast of Jesus
Be in time!
If your soul life you deny
And the Spirit you apply,
Then you’ll fully qualify—
Be in time!

Virgins Christ comes quickly for,
Those with oil an extra store,
Not the fools who oil ignore—
Buy in time!
For the oil a price we pay,
Deal with self without delay,
Fill your vessels every day—
Buy in time!
For His servants Christ will come
And reward each faithful one;
Slothful ones will be undone—
Serve in time!
Make your single talent count,
All self’s problems now surmount,
Serve with Christ, the living fount—
Serve in time!
Christ comes quickly for His grain,
Ripened firstfruits to obtain;
Unripe harvest will remain—
Ripen now!
From earth’s water grain must dry,
From the world your soul deny;
To mature the self must die—
Ripen now!
Overcomers Christ will take,
Those who all for Him forsake,
Those who of first love partake—
Win in time!
All the deadness overcome,
With the living Christ be one,
Toward the goal now swiftly run—
Win in time!
Christ comes for His kingdom too;
Heav’nly reign we must pursue,
Let His rule our self subdue—
Yield in time!
Rebel self must be dethroned,
Lessons must not be postponed,
Quickly yield to Christ enthroned—
Yield in time!