Lord, Thou wilt soon appear,
Thy day is almost here.
Oh, how we love Thy coming soon!
We have no other
Lord, life, or lover
Than Thou, Lord Jesus, our Bridegroom!
The hour is drawing nigh,
Soon we shall hear Thy cry
And with Thee on the clouds descend.
Oh what an hour sweet
When Bride and Bridegroom meet
And love surpassing comprehend.
The moments fly apace,
Soon we shall see Thy face!
Amen, Lord Jesus! Quickly come!
We long Thyself to see
And with Thee ever be,
Thou who our inmost heart hath won.
’Tis but a moment now;
Thou, our Lord Bridegroom, Thou
Soon wilt return to claim Thy Bride.
O Hallelujah!
’Tis this we long for,
And Thou too wilt be satisfied.