In all Thy wisdom, Father God,
According to Thy will,
Eternal purpose Thou hast made
That all Thy Son might fill.
How deep and rich Thy wisdom is,
O who can search and trace?
Yet, Father God, in it we find
Thy mercy and Thy grace!

How wondrously Thou mad’st all things,
O who can know Thy mind?
All are of Thee, thru Thee, to Thee,
Thy wisdom here we find.
Thy wisdom shuts up all in sin,
That mercy may be shown,
That none may boast in anything
But in Thyself alone.
In wisdom, by the cross, Thou hast
For us redemption made,
That in our spirit we may have
Thyself, the treasure, laid.
Thy wisdom thru Thy Church is known
By principalities,
Thru us Thy wisdom manifold
Shown in the heavenlies.
When in the new Jerusalem
In mercy we will boast,
Thy wisdom will be known for aye
Unto the uttermost.