Christ is the hope of glory, my very life is He,
He has regenerated and saturated me;
He comes to change my body by His subduing might
Like to His glorious body in glory bright!
He comes, He comes, Christ comes to glorify me!
My body He’ll transfigure, like His own it then will be.
He comes? He comes, redemption to apply!
As Hope of glory He will come, His saints to glorify.

Christ is the hope of glory, He is God’s mystery;
He shares with me God’s fulness and brings God into me.
He comes to make me blended with God in every way,
That I may share His glory with Him for aye.
Christ is the hope of glory, redemption full is He:,
Redemption to my body, from death to set it free,
He comes to make my body a glorious one to be
And swallow death forever in victory.
Christ is the hope of glory, He is my history:
His life is my experience, for He is one with me;
He comes to bring me into His glorious liberty,
That one with Him completely I’ll ever be.