Savior, I by faith am touching
Thee, the source of every good;
Virtue now, by faith am claiming,
Through the cleansing of Thy blood.
Touching Thee, new life is glowing
By Thy Spirit’s burning flame;
Cleansing, purging, Spirit filling,
Glory to Thy Holy Name!

Touching Thee in faith, I take Thee
In Thy riches full and free;
All I am I open to Thee,
All Thou art Thou giv’st to me.
Touching now Thine outstretched scepter,
O most mighty King of kings;
Of Thy fulness now receiving,
High I mount on eagle wings.
Grace and virtue, strength and wisdom,
All my need, by Thee supplied;
Keep me touching, keep me claiming,
Keep me ever at Thy side.