Lord, we’ve heard the call, “Come forward,”
Unto the most Holy Place,
To behold shekinah glory
Shining from Your blessed face.
Coming forward to the Holiest,
Through the incense altar’s prayer;
No more veil of separation,
We may boldly enter there.

We come forward by a new way,
Freshly cut and freshly slain,
To the Holiest of Holies;
Glorious access we obtain.
We come forward unto our God,
Who is sitting on the throne;
He has paved the way to glory
By His blood and cross alone.
We come forward to the new age,
With assured heart, true and bold.
To enjoy th’ eternal purpose,
Ne’er to shrink back to the old.
Praise You, Lord, we’ve all come forward.
Now within the Holiest,
You’re our God and we’re Your people;
Here we dwell forever blest.