How mysterious, O Lord,
That Thy Spirit dwells in mine;
O how marvelous it is,
Into one, two spirits twine.
By the spirit I can walk,
Spiritual in spirit be;
By the spirit I can serve,
And in spirit worship Thee.
Thru Thy Word and by my prayer
In the spirit touching Thee,
Lifted high my spirit is,
Strengthened shall my spirit be.
Make my spirit strong I pray
Others’ spirits to revive;
Lift my spirit high and free,
Others’ spirits then may thrive.
Every time I speak, O Lord,
May my spirit actuate;
And whatever I may do,
Let my spirit motivate.
Every time my spirit acts
Others’ spirits opened be,
Every time my spirit moves
Others’ lifted unto Thee.
Lord, have mercy, from above
May Thy Spirit breathe on me;
Then my spirit will be rich,
Strengthened and refreshed by Thee.