Conflict today is fierce,
The strength of Satan more;
The cry of battle calling now
Is louder than before.
The rebel voice of hell
E’en stronger now becomes;
But list, the midnight cry resounds,
Behold, I quickly come!

Trials more bitter grow,
The fighting doth enlarge;
Hell’s forces rally all their pow’rs
And gather for the charge.
Yet while we wait and watch
And feel the war severe,
We hear the joyful song ring out,
Jesus, the Lord. is near!
 ’Tis harder at the end
The word to testify,
For Satan fights with all his pow’r
Our witness to defy.
Much greater strength we need
The foe to overcome;
How happy when the Lord we see
And all our sighing’s done!
Who then will forward go
Strong in His mighty power?
Who then will firmly trust the Lord
Until the vict’ry hour;
Till with the conqu’rors blest,
The triumph song’s begun?
That man will then rejoice to hear,
Behold, I quickly come!
Who then will choose God’s best,
And take the narrow track,
Though passing thru the wildest storms,
Yet never turning back?
Who now will dare press on,
Enduring pain and fear?
All such will then rejoice to see
Jesus, the Lord, is near!
Though deep the darkness be
We still would onward go,
Till we the day of rapture greet
And glory ‘round shall glow.
’Tis there we’ll see the Lord,
And Satan overcome;
The overcomers will rejoice,
Jesus, the Lord. has come!