I was saved at age seven. My parents must have instilled in me a rich foundation in Christ because I remember being separated from many worldly things. Growing up as a believer in the local church was not always easy; I faced the same difficulties and obstacles that many typical kids faced. During my teenage years, I felt a degree of rebellion towards my parents, but deep within, the verse from the Bible that says to “honor my parents” (Ephesians 6:2-3) kept coming back to me. No matter what I did or what I was going through, my parents always nurtured me and took loving care of me. Still, my walk in Christ was waning and I felt my heart being drawn into the world.

Then, during college, I met a Christian brother who had a seeking heart for the Lord. It was through this fellowship that my love for the Lord was rekindled.

Today we are married and have three girls and are enjoying Christ daily in the church. The Lord has always supplied me and His Word has preserved me. The writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee have been a tremendous help to me in apprehending Christ in my daily experiences of Him. Through the writings of these two brothers in Christ, I have the deep sense that they labored much to seek the truths in the Bible.

Joy Cortez